Cristina de Middel

A Chaplin´s parade

Author: Cristina de Middel

Size: 29,5x21cm.


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Product Description

In 1973 Doctor Ashok Aswani started celebrating Charles Chaplin´s birthday in Adipur, his hometown in Gujarat (India). He´s been funding a parade that gathers more than 300 Charlot impersonators himself since then.

In collaboration with Festival Images in Vevey (Switzerland) Cristina de Middel’s project turn around this small town´s passion for an old fiction hero and the result was showed in 2016 and should become a book at some point too.

To support 2016’s celebration, 66 backers collaborated with the Kickstarter project. Now, you can to buy one of the last and exclusive prints that Cristina de Middel make available after the project.