Asunto:  Bonjour
Fecha:  21 de noviembre de 2008 12:02:25 GMT+01:00

I write to you these few lines with a lot of hesitation to share my terrible situation with you, but first, let me introduce myself. I am Mrs. ALESIA ATOLEVNA MARKINA and I am a widow, from Russia.
My husband was one of the victims of the Tsunamy disaster in Thailand and I am the beneficiary of an inherited fortune of $ 4.500.000. I am now going through serious problems with my husband´s family as they pretend to take over this legacy.

Without telling anyone about this amount of money I took the precaution of hiding it in a metallic suitcase and deposit it in an Insurance company here in Russia. Nevertheless si situation is getting worse after the inquiries of my in-laws and I´ve asked the company to take special care of the suitcase. That is why they are going to send it through diplomatic bag to another safekeeping company in London, UK. As my husband used to have business in that country the agreement with them was made to take care of that suitcase that is supposed to be made of family assets, so they don´t know about the real content of it.

Here is the reason why I decided to contact you as I completely mistrust my husband´s family and I am faced to a problem I am not sure to be able to solve on my own. I would like you to help me transfer this wallet with total discretion to your country as I am planning to invest this money in profitable business tehre. if you decide to collaborate we would talk about the comission you would get and would transfer the money to your account as soon as the business is closed.

In fact after my husband´s death, the members of his family have tried in different occasions to kill me thinking that after that they would touch the inheritance legally.
Using their contacts and influences they´ve already managed to take all the properties and valuables things from me but not having enough with that they´ve threatened me and forced to reveal all my husband´s accounts. I could do nothing but giving them all this information and they now control all these accounts. I told them everuthing but the existence of this suitcase in which all my hope is based.

I implore you to realise the terrible situation I´m going through as just today the suitcase is travelling from Russia to London and I am now with no money at all and a dramatic financial situation.
This situacion is even more serious as I am paying 10 dollars per day of custody to this company in London. If you decide to help me I will send you the data of the english company so you can contact them and they can leave the suitcase at your address.

I thank you infinitely for your colaboration and hope ti hear from you soon to close this business.


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