In April 2012 I published a book called "The Afronauts" and it shifted my world from the daily press to the walls of festivals and galleries. "The Afronauts" was a reaction to the limitations of documentary language when describing and explaining the world we live in.

The relationship between photography, reality and truth, along with the role played by the media in it, was placed at the forefront of all my freshly baked artistic concerns.  Let's say that after almost ten years working in newspapers I felt the need to metabolize everything I had learned and to share my own conclusions. I made a book and then 7 more. Now and after some time exclusively immersed in the world of Art I have new conlusions to share and they come in the form of a book and an exhibition.

If this was a retrospective it would be more about quantity than about quality. Hence the "Muchism".

The images that make the series "Muchismo" are nothing but the whole set of prints that I store after 7 years of extensive visibility of my work. It includes all the copies of my inventory with all the variations and adaptations imposed by fairs, budgets and curators.

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